Wonderful Asian Massage In Sterling Heights, MI

Traditional Full Body Massage

Looking to reduce overall tension? Traditional Massage at our center involves a set of ancient massage techniques and relaxation methods to help achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Want relief from pain? A stress relief massage is a natural way to heal your body from pain and unwanted stress.
Body pain & Stress Relief
Oil Relaxing Massage
Indulge your senses with a relaxing massage session that uses calming essential oils and aromatherapy!

Free Hot Stone

Hot stone treatment using a combination of heated stones and massage techniques to relive pain!

Shower Available

Get a shower after an amazing Asian massage! It’s a good start to being more rejuvenated after a soothing massage experience.

Massage Specials

Seasonal specials to revive your mind, body and glow!

Get a wonderful Asian massage in Sterling Heights, MI at affordable prices only from Pure Time Massage